El concepto de comunidad y estrategias comunitarias en la relación de las organizaciones del sector de gas natural con las comunidades a las que presta servicio

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Llorente Ramirez, Diana Patricia; Administrador de Negocios Internacionales
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Comunidad; Servicio; Estrategias Comunitarias; Marketing Relacional; 658.408; Administración de empresas; Responsabilidad social en los negocios; Administración::Aspectos Sociales; Community; Service; Community Strategies; Relational Marketing; Administración - Aspectos sociales
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Colombia is making important strides to be located in each energy front, the natural gas sector in Colombia has experienced a high growth in the demand, accompanied by the introduction and strengthening of a market framework. Companies that are part of this industry use relationship marketing as a result of changes in the structure and industry competition; however, this requires from the companies has market orientation with emphasis on the implementation of proactive marketing activities, because in the medium and long term the companies that will be profitable, are the companies that satisfy the needs and demands of consumers. These companies have a concept of customers or consumers as ultimate goal, but they do not have the concept of community. The Community strategies, is new knowledge which is important for Services companies to be disclosed because not only include relationship marketing strategies and proclaim a social responsibility it also must include the community concept in the strategic mission of the company. Thus, we pretend to identify through a empirical-analytic study, if there was a concept of community, and whether Gas Natural Fenosa has strategies to be used in the organization's relationship with communities that provides the service. Gas Natural Fenosa operates in Colombia as a distributor and marketer of gas and electricity, the Company provides natural gas to households, industry, business and vehicles. It was evident that the community concept itself is included in the strategy of the company, because represents more than a transactional strategy, relationship marketing, or social responsibility, it have been done some activities forward the development and empowerment of society, cultural activities, education and donations. These activities are transcendental when we talk about the growth of communities, because Gas Natural Fenosa as these activities, generate recall, advertising and training to customers and suppliers which reduces complaints and claims, etc. This in turn links the company and brand with a social cause of interests in a mutually beneficial relationship.