Actualización perfil de mercado de la Unión Europea

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Aguilar Martínez, Angie Lorena; Bernal Cortés, Andrés Ricardo; Administrador de Negocios Internacionales
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Unión Europea; Colombia; Comercio Bilateral; Tratado de libre comercio; Análisis de mercado; Balanza comercial; 382.940; Negociaciones internacionales; Tratados comerciales; Comercio internacional; Exportaciones::Unión Europea; Europea Union; Bilateral Trade; Free Trade Agreement; Market Analysis; Trade Balance; Exportaciones - Unión Europea
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The Project European Union market update profile, covers the study of the market profiles for the 28 countries (after the addition of Croatia on July 1, 2013) members of the European Union (EU), which allows the development of a guide of market analysis, by product and demand; helping Colombian businessmen and market researchers to improve decision-making within the bilateral trade and create added value and further development in the industry. Colombian entrepreneurs, regardless of their size (large or SMEs) can take advantage of the information collected to evaluate the current situation of the member countries of the EU and developing strategies to redesign or raid the market, making possible to identify whether their decisions are correct and otherwise identify solutions and possible changes. Due to the improvement of trade relations between Colombia and the different trading blocs, it is vital to create tools to increase the chances of success for local entrepreneurs and improve the relationship between both parties; in many cases Colombian exporters have enough information about the processes required to perform an export and even which countries are probably best suited to bring the product; but they do not have detailed information, by country, region, product, and business performance of each; the ultimate goal is to eliminate the uncertainty and generate a greater number of successful and sustainable processes export.