Evaluación de la gestión de residuos derivados del proceso de impresión en Datapoint de Colombia S.A.S, y propuesta de mejora

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Fino Gallego, Sandra Patricia; Gómez Gianine, Carol Ruchina; Ruano Reyes, Sandra Milena; Magíster en Dirección y Gerencia de Empresas
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Acciones de mejora; Gestión integral de residuos de impresión; Impacto ambiental; Prácticas limpias; Residuos de impresión; 658.4; Administración de empresas; Dirección de empresas; Aprovechamiento de residuos; Gestión ambiental::Administración; Conversión de residuos de papel; Actions for improvement; Integrated waste management printing; Environmental impact; Clean practices; Print waste; Gestión ambiental - Administración
thesis / dissertation description
This paper focuses on the analysis of the activities developed around the printing process services offered by DATAPOINT Colombia SAS. It will be taken into account critical points in the management and decisions around waste from printing and made by those involved throughout the process (suppliers, customers and the company) in order to identify measures and strategies to strengthen management comprehensive waste printing from a review and comparison of best practices raised by industry partners. Recommendations were also made with improvement actions that could be developed in order to mitigate the environmental impact generated by these printing wastes. In order to comply with the proposed study, it will be done a research on the organization, its customers and suppliers to understand holistically the value chain around the toner and its inverse as management as well as the regulatory environment both nationally as international. Then the points of improvement are identified by comparing the points made by the supplier versus what was done by those involved in the process, work will be done in the field with customers to understand the current situation, needs and basing decision-making related managing print waste. Finally a number of improvement actions and recommendations which can be incorporated into critical processes DATAPOINT