Entre el bipartidismo y la consolidación de la oposición. Una mirada a la representación política de la Unión Patriótica (1984-1990)

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Garzón Méndez, Ana María; Politólogo – Profesional en Ciencia Política y Gobierno
Facultad de Ciencia Política y Gobierno; Universidad del Rosario
Oposición; representación; UP; proceso de paz; conflicto armado; 324.2; Ciencia política; Partidos políticos; Represión política; Oposición política; Opposition; peace process; armed conflict; representation
thesis / dissertation description
The purpose of this research is to analyze the character of political opposition of the ‘Unión Patriótica’ (UP), based on the argument of Gianfranco Pasquino’s book called ‘The opposition’. To carry it out is important to describe the aspects related to the formation and maintenance of their ties of representation, i.e. the analysis of its structure, its proposal and organization in the different scenarios in which it participated, namely performance in general and local elections and their role in Congress. Following the character of its representation, it is possible to explain the decrease as a political force due to external and internal factors, and therefore the way to define its opposition’s character.