La aplicación del TLC entre Colombia y USA en el departamento de Cundinamarca: encuentros y desencuentros en la negociación y sus resultados en el sector avícola. (2003-2014)

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Rodríguez Rosas, María Alejandra; Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales; Universidad del Rosario
Tratado de libre comercio; Sector Avicola; Pollo; Arancel; Estados Unidos; Cundinamarca; 382.861073; Industria avícola; Libre comercio; Estados unidos::Relaciones Económicas; Colombia::Relaciones Económicas; Colombia; Chicken; Chicken Industry; Tariff; Free Trade Agreement; United States; Estados Unidos -- Relaciones económicas -- Colombia; Colombia -- Relaciones económicas -- Estados Unidos
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With the sign of the Free Trade Agreement between United States and Colombia, some agreements about different sectors were established, as can be the poultry industry. With the entry into force this tariff reduction has been effective and also the liberalization of this sector, this situation can create some risks to the Colombian poultry sector and especially the production in Cundinamarca, due to there are a reduce level in tariff and a huge difference between the Colombian and the North American prices. For that reason, this degree work has the main objective of analyze the effects of the breach of some tariff compromises agreed in the negotiation of the agreement amongst the two countries, and also analyze the gap between the economic development and the sector competitiveness.