Análisis de la influencia del conflicto armado de la República Federal Democrática de Nepal en su relación con China e India. Periodo 1996 - 2012

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Restrepo Parra, Juan Fernando; Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales; Universidad del Rosario
Conflicto armado; Realismo estructural; Relaciones bilaterales; 327; Relaciones internacionales; Política internacional; Cambio social; Armed Conflict; Structural realism; Bilateral relations
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The interest of this paper is to evaluate the influence of Nepalese armed conflict on Nepal 's relationship with India and China. It is analyze and explain like an internal armed conflict can influence from its causes, development and outcome in regional and bilateral relationships of a country with its neighbors. This document aims to prove that the civil war in Nepal positively influenced in its relationship with India and China, raising the Nepalese country as a scenario in dispute between these two emerging powers. Using the Structural Realism Kenneth Watlz logical and shift patterns which might alter comprised of Nepal, China and India system will be evaluated to later examine the actual or partial changes suffered by relations of these countries at the end of the armed conflict.