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Miciades, Ibañez, Sanchez, Patricia, Hernandez, Nubia, Especialista en Epidemiología (en Convenio con el CES)
Facultad de medicina, Universidad del Rosario
Análisis de supervivencia, Hemodiálisis, Diálisis peritoneal, Trasplante, 614.4, Epidemiología, Survival analysis, Hemodyalisis, Peritoneal dyalisis, Trasplantation, Diálisis renal, Enfermedades renales
thesis / dissertation description
In Colombia, the incidence and mortality of ESRD has grown in the last 6 years in spite of the intervention strategies that have been implemented. This research job intends to determine the baseline for the population registered in Colombian health system, in terms of survival in patients with renal replacement therapy (RRT)

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