Caracterización de los vínculos familiares en jóvenes seminaristas castrenses

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Cuadros Vivas, José Vicente; Guerra Gallón, Gildardo Antonio; Magíster en Mediación Familiar y Comunitaria
Facultad de medicina; Universidad del Rosario
Mediación; vínculos; conflicto; seminarista; castrense; Formación espiritual; Modelo relacional simbólico; Seminaristas; Mediation; links; conflict; seminariam; military; FORMACION ESPIRITUAL; MEDIACION; MODELO RELACIONAL SIMBOLICO; SEMINARISTAS
thesis / dissertation description
The present research corresponds to the final paper of the Masters Degree in Familiar and Community Mediation carried out by the University of Rosario and the Catholic University of Milan. The research has as objective to characterize the familiar links of the young military seminarians from the relational symbolic model suggested by the Catholic University of Milan. The research was of type explore and it was realized with the young military seminarians taken four seminarian like sample. To get the objective, it was determined the structure of the family through the application of genograme, the most meaningful events familiar history was described and also was identified the most important family bonds through the application of an interview. Finally in the Seminary Mayor Military was found the urgent necessity to broach with closer attention, the familiar dimension of the seminarian in all the steps of his formative process such that in the future the priest can get recognize and with the best tools the importance of his own familiar dimension and its effects in the comprehension and attention of the conflict of other people.