Conceptos y prácticas de la actividad física que se reproducen en las clases sociales: aproximación desde el enfoque determinantes/ determinación social de la salud

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Cárdenas Herrán, Jose Edwin; Magíster en actividad física y salud
Facultad de medicina; Universidad del Rosario
Actividad física; Actividad motora; Posición socioeconómica; Estatus social; Determinación social de la salud; Determinantes sociales de la salud; Revisión documental; Clases sociales; 613.71; Élite (Ciencias Sociales)::Ciencias del deporte; social classes; physical activity; motor activity; socioeconomic position; social status; social determinants of health; social health determinants; document review; Actividad motora -- Ciencias de la salud; Ciencias sociales -- actividad motora; Élite (Ciencias sociales) -- Ciencias del deporte
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The concept of physical activity is conceived in different ways. Showing that there are several factors that affect directly and indirectly the perception that the subjects construct around it, thus generating an approach to different definitions of physical activity from various perspectives and dimensions, where a purely biological notion prevails. This study intended to analyze, such as from social classes physical activity is conceived in its concepts and practices models considering social determinants and health determination. In order to understand how the authors of the scientific literature conceive physical activity and the relationship with social classes, from a theoretical perspective of the social determinants of health and the theory of social determination, a document review and analysis was conducted content of the concepts and practices of physical activity have been considered in the past 10 years. To this end the PubMed and data VHL (Virtual Health Library) by its emphasis on health publications worldwide were selected. Showing that physical activity is conceived from a biological perspective dominantly which exerts a reductionist look. The relationship between physical activity and social classes are clearly established, however, these relationships may disagree considering the concept of social class, context and orientation of objects authors and study populations. Which resulted that documented studies, reviewed and analyzed show a clear trend model determinants; however, some studies in their analysis are oriented towards the model of social determination. As for the concept of social classes, the authors consider a combination of cultural and economic factors, without daring to adopt a specific concept.