La influencia del Blues en la configuración y creación de The Black Panther Party en Estados Unidos (1966)

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Pérez Cuervo, Juan Camilo; Politólogo – Profesional en Ciencia Política y Gobierno
Facultad de Ciencia Política y Gobierno; Universidad del Rosario
Black Panther Party; Blues; R&B; Afroamericanos; Capital; Habitus; 781.643; Blues (Música); Música afroamericana::Igualdad; Conflictos étnicos; R & B; African Americans; Música afroamericana -- Igualdad -- Estados Unidos -- Siglo XX
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The work then aims to show how music has been linked to the African American since his arrival to the American continent in 1800, and how it has been used to achieve political and social transformation that would lead to the equal treatment in the United States by the half of the twentieth century. The essay analyses the Blues’ evolution from its roots and the introduction of R & B as an expression of thought, ideas and experiences used by The Black Panther Party in the black social scene of the epoch. For the purpose of achieving this objective, Pierre Bourdieu’s Field Theory will be used, along with the concepts of Capital and Habitus.