Modelo para la gestión de inventarios en la empresa Conalmármoles SAS

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Márquez Barrera, Daniela Andrea; Guevara Avila, Nathaly; Administrador en logística y Producción
Facultad de Administración; Universidad del Rosario
Desventajas; Fallas; Gestión; Inventarios; Mármol; Modelo; Ventajas; 658.8; Administración de empresas; Logística en los negocios; Control de inventarios; Almacenamiento industrial; Advantages; Disadvantages; Fault; Management; Marble; Model; Stock
thesis / dissertation description
This project exposes various models taken as base for managing inventories in the company Conalmármoles SAS. Starting from this is intended to that the company get a possible solution to the lack of knowledge of the product that currently has in stock. Based on the presented models and by means of a preliminary analysis was formulated a model which will announce the amount of product that the company has. The current management of inventory procedure was exposed as well as its difficulties; various models of inventory management suitable for the company were exposed, compared, appraised and contrasted the pluses and minuses each one will bright to the stakeholders and finally, adopt the relevant facets to develop a brand new model of inventory management for Conalmármoles SAS.