Influencia de las ciudades como nuevos actores internacionales en organismos de integración: la intendencia de Montevideo y la Red de Mercociudades en MERCOSUR (1990-2010)

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Olaya-Barbosa, Sandra, Ruiz Santamaría, Grace Tatiana, Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales, Universidad del Rosario
Montevideo, Red de Mercociudades, Mercosur, Actores locales, Capacidad de influencia, 327, Relaciones internacionales, Organismos internacionales, Política internacional, Mercociudades, Local governments
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Taking into account the reconfiguration of the State role as the most important actor in international relations, it is necessary to analyze the function of local governments as new actors in the international arena, as well as their participation in regional integration agencies through active participation in city networks. In that sense this study will explore through a case how a subnational government such as the Intendance of Montevideo is able to influence Mercosur, through its participation in the Mercociudades network. The basis of this analysis was the internationalization process of the Intendance over 20 years, which helped to stablish it´s decisive role in the Network and its influence in Mercosur that is not so evident but existing.

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