El costo de la movilidad cotidiana para las personas del occidente de la zona metropolitana de Bogotá: una aproximación desde la noción del costo pleno del transporte

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Cajiao Flórez, Alejandro; Profesional en Gestión y Desarrollo Urbanos
Facultad de Ciencia Política y Gobierno; Universidad del Rosario
Metropolización; Movilidad cotidiana; Tiempo de viaje; Commuter; Costo pleno de transporte; 711; Desarrollo urbano; Transporte urbano; Planificación urbana; Movilidad de la población; Metropolization; Urban Mobility; Full cost of transportation; Travel time; Commutation
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The center agglomeration condition of Bogota produces an interdependent relationship with the municipalities of its immediate influence area and, in particular, with the west of the metropolitan area, so that thousands of people travel every day to the Capital seeking the benefits of agglomeration; however, these people engage in an expenditure of money, but also time that can be measured as an opportunity cost, which is detrimental to their quality of life as being too onerous, and which also shows the shortcomings of a metropolitan mobility system that belittles the impact of citizen’s travels time.