Diagnóstico de oportunidades frente al tratado de libre comercio de estados unidos para los estados de Michigan y Minnesota con relación al potencial exportador de Colombia

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Vásquez Fernández, María Alejandra; Vargas Gallego, Daniel Felipe; Administrador de Empresas
Facultad de Administración; Universidad del Rosario
Colombia; Estados Unidos; Minnesota; Michigan; Balanza Comercial; Exportaciones; Importaciones; Tratado de Libre Comercio; Indicadores Económicos; Integración Económica; Commodities; 658; Administración de empresas; Comercio internacional; Acuerdos económicos; United States; Trade Balance; Exports; Imports; Free Trade Agreement; Economic Indicators; Economic Integration
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The main purpose of this study is to analyze the commercial relations between Colombia and the United States in order to understand the impact this country has on the Colombian economy in terms of exports and imports. In addition, we analyze the influence of the Free Trade Agreement on the economies of these countries. Based on the above, the analysis was made taking into account the commercial relations between Colombia and the United States, specifically in the states of Michigan and Minnesota. Within the analysis, economic indicators and other aspects such as territory, population density, and government policy were taken into account. This study, takes as reference the results of the trade balance from 2010 to 2015, analyzes this period of time to understand its evolution and behavior after the entry into force and validity of the Free Trade Agreement.