The role of epistemic communities in Science diplomacy: An analysis of U.S. and German foreign policy towards Colombia

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Bonilla Aranzales, Jhon Kelly; Magíster en estudios Políticos e Internacionales
Facultad de Ciencia Política y Gobierno; Universidad del Rosario
Epistemic Communities; Science Diplomacy; Foreign Policy; Germany; United States; Colombia; Scientific Cooperation; 341; Sociedades científicas; Relaciones internacionales; Política exterior; Asistencia técnica; Alemania; Estados unidos
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This thesis aims to identify how scientists who belong to epistemic communities promote the development of scientific diplomacy activities within the framework of US and German foreign policy towards Colombia. Its main objective is to identify the conditions that allow the members of these communities to develop processes of scientific cooperation through different international governmental agencies. This research project seeks to contribute to the discipline of International Relations, identifying new actors and cooperative actions that contribute to foreign policy. This study uses a Constructivist theoretical approach, employing qualitative methods to highlight the importance of members of epistemic communities to scientific diplomacy. To this end, this study analyzes some historical and current examples within different areas of knowledge within the context of bilateral relations with Colombia, in order to illustrate the development of scientific cooperation processes between the United States, Germany and Colombia.