"Una Emoción": documental sobre el abrazo del tango

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Leal Acosta, Adriana Carolina; Profesional en Periodismo
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas; Universidad del Rosario
Bogotá; Tango; Documental; Danza; Abrazo; Milonga; Baile; 070; Periodismo; Tango (Baile); Bailarines; Dance; Documentary; Embrace; Dancers
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thesis / dissertation description
For amateur tango dancers, popularly called "milongueros", the emotional and physical experience produced by the embrace, means that over time, this practice becomes so significant in their routine that it converts into a life style. For them, tango is a complex universe that transcends the actions of dance or listening to music, It is an introspective and transformative activity which is born on the dance floors and lives permanently inside of their daily habits. This documentary intends to inquire about the emotional experience produced by the embrace of tango, from the perspective of the personal stories of three dancers, trying to identify the specifics of this practice and answer the question - "Why do people who get involved with the tango dance consider it a life changing experience? The stories are based in Bogotá, which has become known as the most “milonguera” city of Colombia, namely, the one with the biggest quantity of public reunions designated to dance tango, milonga and argentine waltz. A place where outstanding dancing couples have emerged to represent the capital in different national and international competitions.