Tres voces de la corrupción.

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Cardenas, Fabio German; Cardenas Nuñez, Fabio German; Magíster en Periodismo
Facultad de Ciencias Humanas; Universidad del Rosario
Corrupción; 364.16; Aculturación; Corrupción política; Delitos políticos; Entrevistas (Periodismo); corruption
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We see corruption as part of our culture, the essence of being Colombian, seems to be in the skin, which are born with it; It is an evil that exists equally in public and private. We cannot say that it is ignorance that it is doing something wrong, they are just the desire to stay with what not belongs to them, something that is all, but it seems that nobody, they are the desire to voluntarily ignore our duties and obligations, of wanting to stay with everything, no matter with self respect