Abordaje para el diagnóstico y manejo en pacientes con trombosis de la arteria renal secundaria al trauma abdominal cerrado : revisión sistemática de la literatura

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Carrillo Rodriguez, Adriana Patricia; Fonseca Buitrago, Carmen Liliana; Especialista en Urología
Facultad de Medicina; Universidad del Rosario
Traumatismo Abdominal; Lesión no penetrante; Arteria Renal; Trombosis; Riñón; Hipertesión; 617.55; Enfermedades del abdomen; Renal Artery; Thrombosis; Blunt Trauma; Renal Artery Obstruction; Nonpenetrating Injury; Nonpenetrating Wound; Abdominal injuries; Revascularization; Accidental Falls; Arteriovenous Shunt; High Renal Trauma; Endovascular management
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Thrombosis of the renal vessels secondary to closed abdominal trauma represents a challenge. A specific management has not been established, different diagnostic and treatment approaches, the purpose of this study is to determine the approach for diagnosis and management in patients with renal artery thrombosis secondary to closed abdominal trauma to reduce the risk of hypertension and lost of renal function. MATERIALS AND METHODS We performed a systematic review of the literature and subsequent, 22 articles, between case reports and case series, did not have systematic reviews nor meta analysis, through a search in MeSH and DeCS. Articles published since 1972 to the present in the databases PubMed, ScIELO, Embase, Scopus and LILACS. Two reviewers applying the same criteria. The PRISMA guidelines were taken into account. RESULTS We analyzed data from 35, 27 were men and the mean age was 28 years (7-62). The most frequent cause was traffic accident (n=25). 21 were diagnosed with computed tomography of the abdomen with contrast. The different treatments used are related to the general condition of the patient and the presence or absence of other lesions, according to the management, the presence or absence of hypertension was determined. CONCLUSIONS Thrombosis of the renal vessels secondary to trauma of the closed abdomen, has low incidence, Computed Axial Tomography is the gold standard for the timely and accurate diagnosis. Treatment depends on the commitment and stability of the patient, conservative management in stable patients with unilateral trauma is preferred. More studies are needed.