El Madrugón en Bogotá, un mercado textil popular cuyos lazos de solidaridad reproducen órdenes comerciales y productivos de carácter informal

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Prieto Ruiz, Bernardo Alfredo; Profesional en Sociología
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas; Universidad del Rosario
trabajo informal; estrategias; incertidumbre; vulnerabilidad; capital social; Capital social::Bogotá (Colombia); Economía informal::Aspectos Sociales; Microempresas::Aspectos Sociales; informal work; strategies; uncertainty; vulnerability; social capital; outsourcing; CAPITAL SOCIAL - BOGOTA (COLOMBIA); ECONOMIA INFORMAL - ASPECTOS SOCIALES - BOGOTA (COLOMBIA); MICROEMPRESAS - ASPECTOS SOCIALES - BOGOTA (COLOMBIA)
thesis / dissertation description
The current document explores strategies and characteristics of two units work linked to one of the most important informal phenomenon in Bogotá (Colombia) which is known popularly as El Madrugón, market where merchants sell principally clothes. We tried to illustrate deeply and relationally through Pierre´s Bourdieu theory, the different situations at commercial and productive levels that structures the permanency in a highly competitive space and that characterizes itself by its huges sales. With this investigation we also tried to understand the commercial logics of a urban phenomenon whose origin is strongly configured by a public policy about the recovery of a public space in San Victorino sector (Bogotá), but also for a structure of a particular and informal market. The main objective of this work was to understand how this territory is built by informal strategies which in some cases have ‘Modern’ elements.