El papel de las organizaciones internacionales en la erradicación del hambre en Colombia para el periodo 2010-2015 : una mirada a partir de la seguridad alimentaria mundial

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Sánchez Gómez, Paola Andrea; Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales; Universidad del Rosario
Seguridad alimentaria; FAO; Organizaciones internacionales; Corrupción; 363; Seguridad alimenticia; Organismos internacionales; Corrupción política; Food security; International organizations; Corruption; Threat
thesis / dissertation description
This paper seeks to identify the palliative initiatives taken in the face of the food crisis and how the phenomenon of corruption hinder the efforts of international organizations and the State against food security. Taking as object of study the state of La Guajira in Colombia in the years 2010-2015. To do this, a brief description of the world hunger problem and a deeper look at the state to be studied is given; In this case the Guajira. It is also noted that international food organizations are responsible for implementing the most relevant institutional policies in the face of the crisis to determine the phenomenon the corruption in the planning and execution of government plans with a view to the eradication of hunger. So the information supporting that article come from an analysis of documents produced by state and non-state actors; base don qualitative methodologies.