Actualidad Panamericana : la parodia y la información en Colombia

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Reyes Fajardo, Juan Manuel; Profesional en Periodismo
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas
Medios paródicos; Medios digitales; Actualidad Panamericana; Colombia; Periodismo; Parodia; Noticias falsas; 070; Prensa satírica; Periodismo en línea; Formatos digitales; Sátira política colombiana; Parody media; Digital media; Journalism; Parody; Fake news
thesis / dissertation description
Actualidad Panamericana was born in 2014 as an Internet medium with incredible situations in their articles. However, lots of Colombian journalists and social media users trusted on their parodic articles. This work analyzes former examples of the genre, in the global, Latin American and Colombian stages. Also, this work identifies their social media models and success in their posts, their numbers against another Colombian media websites, and uses stylistic and news values analysis .This proves that the use of journalistic languages in the parodic media becomes a base for their texts’ credibility.