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Amórtegui Martínez, Daniela; Torres Perdomo, Andrea; Profesional en Periodismo
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas
Gorda; Modelaje; Plus size; Tallas grandes; Belleza; Moda; Tallas; 391; Modelos (Moda); Prendas de vestir para mujeres; Obesidad; Fat; Modeling; Beauty; Fashion; Sizes
thesis / dissertation description
This documentary exposes the current panorama of plus-size modeling in Colombia and how women considered fat have found a way to empower themselves through the modeling. Thus, they accept their body and its characteristics, leaving aside the desire to follow stereotypes that fashion, the media and social networks imposes. Likewise, shows how behind the inclusion of plus size women in fashion has born a movement of acceptance discourse that promotes self-esteem and a lifestyle based on health and beauty but away from a single pattern. Based on the story of plus-size models  and promoters of this movement in Colombia, the documentary shows how is to be a plus model, what means enter to the world of modeling without belonging to the measures 90-60-90 or the reduced sizes and the effects of the movement. GORDA exposes the challenges faced by the models that have decided to impose a new fashion: beauty beyond sizes. Further, presents topics such as the apology to fatness and the reappropriation of the word "fat", commonly considered as an adjective that means something negative.