¿Literatura juvenil o clásicos? : los booktubers deciden

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Hernández Barbosa, María Paula; Profesional en Periodismo
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas
Reportaje radial; Literatura; Booktubers; Booktube Colombia; Clásicos de la literatura; Literatura juvenil; 801; Crítica literaria; Celebridades; Video digital; Redes sociales; Young Adult; Literature; Radio; Classic books
thesis / dissertation description
Booktubers: young people who make videos about literature (Young Adult most of all) and share them in YouTube. What is happening with those books that everyone is supposed to read? Does the colombian booktubers talk about classic books in their videos? Do they influence their viewers and the editorial market? This radio report is divided in two independent but complementary parts and tries to give answer to those questions.