¿La sociedad contra la naturaleza? Un desacuerdo entre la conservación ecológica y el cuidado de la naturaleza en el Páramo de Guerrero

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Pachón Castellanos, Luis Felipe; Antropólogo
Escuela de Ciencias Humanas; Universidad del Rosario
Páramo de Guerrero; páramos; delimitación; delimitación de páramos; conservación; cuidado; territorio; conflicto semántico; desacuerdo; 333; Paramos; Política ambiental; Protección del medio ambiente; delimitation; delimitation of páramos; conservation; care; territory; semantic conflict; disagreement
thesis / dissertation description
More than a given object, the Andean high mountain constitutes today a historical multiplicity of disputed territories, that is, of territories to be made or (re) done. In this context, the páramos are the spearhead in the academic discussions on the matter, as well as the main scenario of these concrete struggles. This work is located in the concrete case of Páramo de Guerrero, where the declaration of certain environmental regulations, has led to a confrontation between two semantic orders (controlled by different actors), which have configured differentiated realities that fight for territorial control, in terms of the definition of the use, management, delimitation and representation of what each one conceives, appropriates, defines, classifies and names as ‘páramo’. On the one hand, there is ecological conservation, based on a techno-scientific rationality that legitimizes government planning and intervention; and on the other hand, care, based on knowledge and daily experience, and made invisible by not adjusting to the modern language of that hegemonic rationality. Of particular relevance is the concept of care, as it is a concept developed by the local people themselves, which encourages them to think and reinvindicate the 'campesino' subjects as knowers and decision-makers, at the same level as scientific and technocratic experts. Such consideration will also serve as input for the discussion that is currently taking place in Colombia, about the delimitation of páramo ecosystems.