La política exterior japonesa en materia de integración regional en el Este Asiático 1997-2008

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Guzmán Bernal, Sandra Patricia; Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales; Universidad del Rosario
Política Exterior Japonesa; Este Asiático; Japón; Asia del Este; Integración regional::Asia; Japón::Política Exterior; JAPON - POLITICA Y GOBIERNO - 1997-2008; JAPON - RELACIONES ECONOMICAS EXTERIORES - 1997-2008; Japanese Foreign Policy; East Asia; Japan; Asian East; INTEGRACION REGIONAL - ASIA - 1997-2008; JAPON - POLITICA EXTERIOR - 1997-2008
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The East Asian development in the last years has been surprising. These Asian East States have achieved an intensive growth by joining the world markets of goods and capitals. This has generated that the Japanese position have changed towards to the economic integration, cause now the Japanese State is creating actions in his foreign policy as a rational actor to maintain its position, stability and well-being inside the region. Therefore, the present monograph seeks to identify which were the Regional Integration interests of Japan in the East Asian during the period 1997-2008.