Espacios territoriales de capacitación y reconciliación al borde del abismo, ¿qué pasa en Icononzo?

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Velásquez Castellar, Teresa; Magíster en Periodismo
Facultad de Ciencias Humanas
Reincorporados; Proceso; Paz; FARC; Proyectos; Productivos; 322.42; Integración social; Construcción de la paz; Guerrilleros; Projects; Productive; Reincorporated; Process; Peace
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After a year and a half of the signing of the peace process, with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, now a political party: Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria del Común, an analysis is made of the situation of the productive projects in the Territorial Training Spaces and Reincorporation, ETCR. After the report carried out in the Sumapaz region and the field work in the Territorial Space of Training and Reintegration ETCR of Icononzo, it was identified that they are carrying out, agricultural, manufacturing and services projects, with limited resources, in a precarious way , mainly because of the self-management of the cooperatives, associations and foundations created by the ex-combatants, due, according to them, to the insufficient financial support promised by the National Government.