Rendimiento de la ecografía para el diagnóstico final de malignidad del nódulo tiroideo, en una IPS de Bogotá, Colombia

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Gutiérrez Castellanos, María Camila; Gutiérrez Bustamante, Catalina; Especialista en Epidemiología (en Convenio con el CES)
Facultad de medicina
Nodulo tiroideo; Biopsia con aguja fina; Ultrasonografía; Cáncer de tiroides; Glándula tiroides; Tiroidectomia; Clasificación Bethesda; 616; Enfermedades de la tiroides; Hipoparatiroidismo; Hipotiroidismo; Ecografía; Thyroid nodule; Fine needle biopsy; Ultrasonography; Thyroid cancer; Thyroid gland; Thyroidectomy; Bethesda classification
thesis / dissertation description
The incidence of hypoparathyroidism and post-surgical hypothyroidism have been increasing in recent years secondary to diagnoses suggestive of malignancy of thyroid pathology. Thyroid ultrasound is the initial imaging study to approach patients with thyroid nodules and, according to the findings, it will indicate the need to continue studies and perform surgery. In Colombia there are no current data on the performance of thyroid ultrasound for the final diagnosis of malignancy so it is necessary to evaluate its real usefulness in the diagnostic approach and the impact on patient health