Factores predictores de crisis convulsivas en pacientes adultos en post operatorio de cirugías cardiovasculares en la fundación cardioinfantil

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Jimenez Jaramillo, Juan Diego.; Especialista en Neurología
Facultad de Medicina; Universidad del Rosario
Convulsiones; cirugia cardiovascular; disfunción neurologica; acido tranexamico; Fundación cardio infantil. fci::Colombia; Convulsiones – investigaciones::Colombia; Enfermedades cardiovasculares – investigaciones::Colombia; Epilepsia – investigaciones::Colombia; Mortalidad infantil – investigaciones::Colombia; Neurología – investigaciones::Colombia; seizures; cardiovascular surgery; neurological disfunction; tranexamic acid; FUNDACION CARDIOINFANTIL – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA; CONVULSIONES – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA; ENFERMEDADES CARDIOVASCULARES – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA; EPILEPSIA – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA; MORTALIDAD INFANTIL – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA; NEUROLOGIA – INVESTIGACIONES - COLOMBIA
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Introduction: Being the cardiovascular diseases the main cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and considering that many of them are susceptibles of surgical correction, is increasingly important to know the postoperative complications of these, especially about the neurological dysfunction that may occur as a result of these interventions. Objectives: To evaluate the presence of predictive factors for the development of seizures in patients with postoperative time of cardiovascular surgery Materials and methods: We design a 18 months case-control study, in patients undergoing cardiovascular surgeries in a Fundacion Cardioinfantil between 2008 and 2009. Results: We analyzed 641 stories of patients, of whom 22 had seizures during the postoperative and 66 patients were taken as controls. In 4 of the 22 patients with seizures (18.1%) was not used tranexamic acid during surgery which has a statistical significance (p = 0.003) Conclusion: The use of tranexamic acid in the equipment of extra-corporeal circulation during such cardiovascular surgery may be a protective factor for the presentation of seizures in the postoperative period. Elevated serum creatinine may be a risk factor for development of seizures but it is need further study with a larger sample and directed to demonstrate the relationship between them.