Investigación del uso de las tecnologías de información y comunicaciones en la industria logística en Bogotá

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Mayorga Serrato, Deissy Liliana; Muñoz Alvear, Diana Carolina; Administrador de Empresas
Facultad de Administración; Universidad del Rosario
Tecnología; Información; Logística; Productividad; Empresas; Sistemas; ADMINISTRACION DE EMPRESAS - INVESTIGACIONES; Administración de empresas::Innovaciones Tecnológicas; Logística en los negocios::Historia; Cadenas productivas::Investigaciones; Mercancías::Transporte; Technology; Information; Logistics; Productivity; Companies; Systems; ADMINISTRACION DE EMPRESAS - INNOVACIONES TECNOLOGICAS; LOGISTICA EN LOS NEGOCIOS - HISTORIA; CADENAS PRODUCTIVAS - INVESTIGACIONES; MERCANCIAS - TRANSPORTE
thesis / dissertation description
This research work contains, initially, a presentation of the theory frame, which consists of a brief description of the history of logistics, and the development of the supply chain management discipline. Market globalization, and the increasing competition for customers all over the world, among other factors, has generated several corporate marketing and research disciplines under the supply chain management umbrella. Such disciplines are also briefly described in this work. A short description of some information technologies used to increase efficiency in enterprise processes is also included. Furthermore, we set the research of the impact of information technologies in logistics companies in Bogotá, Colombia, that offer services like warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, and depot operations. To develop this research we proposed a 10 basic questions survey. Finally, we show the results of the questions, with their conclusions and recommendations, where it is evident the impact of the size of the companies an markets they serve, in the motivation and barriers to adopt information technologies in their processes and procedures.