Análisis de los factores de productividad y talento humano como determinantes de la perdurabilidad en los grupos privados de investigación en salud

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Trujillo Ramírez, Kenny Margarita; Villota Quiroz, María Delia; Magíster en Dirección y Gerencia de Empresas;
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Grupo de investigación; Perdurabilidad; Estrategia; Análisis estratégico sectorial, AESE; Equipos de investigación; Desarrollo humano; Productividad; Administración de los servicios de salud; Research group; Perdurability; Strategy; AESE; EQUIPOS DE INVESTIGACION; DESARROLLO HUMANO; PRODUCTIVIDAD; ADMINISTRACION DE LOS SERVICIOS DE SALUD
thesis / dissertation description
The perdurability and the strategy are topics that are linked and influence in a high matter the productive sectors. The investigation groups, as a principal axis of science, technology and innovation aren"t far away from this influence. This is why is required to strong their structure in terms of having highest performance and start looking as a company. This research tries to define, for the human talent factors and productivity, a wanted scenario and it"s management strategies that stimulate the perdurability of the private health research groups. The hypothesis used from which the analysis was done is that the private research groups, have highest threats to last longer because they don"t count with a financed structure of human talent or with a structural process support to compete with the available research initiatives in all different levels. This hypothesis is been approached in the private research groups that belongs to the National Program of Health Science and Technology, by the question, Which can be the possible scenarios to achieve the perdurability of the health private research groups, from strategies related with human talent and productivity? The development was done in two phases: A pilot study were the strategic sector was explored through the application of prospective tools MICMAC and SMIC, and the intervention phase through the methodology of AESE, a DEA analysis and a simulation of the finder scenarios with the definition of perdurability for the strategic group of private research groups.