Prevalencia de edema pulmonar agudo en el embarazo y el puerperio

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Rincón López, Elisa Catalina; Especialista en Ginecología y Obstericia
Facultad de Medicina; Universidad del Rosario
Edema pulmonar; UCI; Embarazo; Enfermedades de los pulmones; Ginecología; Pulmonary edema; Pregnancy; ICU; EMBARAZO; ENFERMEDADES DE LOS PULMONES; GINECOLOGÍA
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Introduction Acute pulmonary edema during pregnancy is an entity that is not very common but it produces a high maternal and fetal morbimortality. Methodology It was conducted a cross sectional study to estimate the prevalence of acute pulmonary edema during pregnancy at Clínica Orquideas, taking data over a period of three years. Main characteristics were analyzed and calculated morbidity. Results The prevalence of acute pulmonary edema is 0.67/1000 patients admitted to ICU in Clínica Orquídeas. The most common disease associated with edema was pre-eclampsia with 81% of cases, and overweight. The most commonly type of ventilation used was mechanical ventilation with 71% of cases. Discussion The prevalence of pulmonary edema during pregnancy is higher in this study than in other series, possibly because the data were calculated in an obstetric ICU. This study will serve as a basis for further analytical studies, because is the first conducted in our country.