Los estados modificados de conciencia y su uso en la psicología contemporánea

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Moreno Zambrano, Daniel Sebastian; Benavides Gómez, Maria Angélica; Psicólogo(a)
Escuela de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud; Universidad del Rosario
conciencia; estados de conciencia; estados modificados de conciencia; psicologia transpersonal; Budismo; Budismo::Aspectos Psicológicos; Conciencia (Psicología); Psicología transpersonal; consciousness; states of consciousness; modified states of consciousness; transpersonal psychology; Buddhism; BUDISMO - ASPECTOS PSICOLÓGICOS; CONCIENCIA (PSICOLOGÍA); PSICOLOGÍA TRANSPERSONAL
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Consciousness, states of consciousness and their specific properties, have been subject of inquiry in almost every culture. As a consequence of this, they have generated multiple perspectives on the value of these states of consciousness and the appropriate ways to produce and utilize them. These most recent ones are known as transformational practices or technologies of consciousness. In this paper, after presenting the basic contemporary frameworks used for the study of consciousness, the conceptions that arise thereon from transpersonal psychology and Mahayana Buddhism are reviewed. The concept of states and altered states of consciousness in psychotherapy are presented. Finally, after discussing the notion of practices of consciousness transformation, the investigation concludes with a more detailed presentation of meditation and prayer as examples of awareness technologies used as a means for healing and personal growth.