Perfil de mercado Unión Europea

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Calderon Diaz, Camilo Andres; Estrada Lopez, Maria Alejandra; Martinez Felizola, Ana Elena; Melo Archila, Christian Danilo; Parra Merino, Nataly Andrea; Hernandez Ojeda, Angela Patricia; Administrador de Negocios Internacionales
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Exportacion; Importacion; Union Europea; Perfil de mercado; Negocios; Exportaciones::Unión Europea; Importaciones::Unión Europea; Unión europea::Comercio Exterior; UNIÓN EUROPEA - CONDICIONES ECONÓMICAS; UNIÓN EUROPEA - POLÍTICA COMERCIAL; UNIÓN EUROPEA - RELACIONES ECONÓMICAS EXTERIORES - COLOMBIA; Export; Import; European Union; Market Profile; Business; EXPORTACIONES - UNIÓN EUROPEA; IMPORTACIONES - UNIÓN EUROPEA; UNIÓN EUROPEA - COMERCIO EXTERIOR
thesis / dissertation description
The present research is aimed to analyze the international business opportunities with European Union countries because this is a market that has not been explored enough for Colombian companies. Therefore, this investigation is based on the need of develop that market, and pretend to show the European Union as a major trading bloc which allows Colombia to take advantage of the existing trade agreements which have opportunities to make business with potential Colombian products. It will diversify the traditional export markets, and provide a bigger supply of Colombian products in international markets. Consequently, this research was made with the purpose of create a profile of each member country of the European Union regarding some topics such as economics, geography, demographics, access channels, customer profiling, and a special emphasis on the most demanded products by each country.