Análisis de la internacionalización de SUKKAR S.A.

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Gómez Serrano, Angela María; Administrador de Empresas
Escuela de Administración; Universidad del Rosario
647.95; Caña de azúcar::Aspectos Económicos; Caña de azúcar -- Cultivo -- Valle del Cauca (Colombia); Caña de azúcar -- Mercadeo -- Valle del Cauca (Colombia); Comercio; Industria azucarera::Producción; Caña de azúcar -- Aspectos económicos -- Colombia; Industria azucarera -- Producción -- Valle del Cauca (Colombia)
thesis / dissertation description
The aim of this work is to analyze one SME Colombian successful, that by means of the investigation and the innovation achieves to develop a natural product of exportation, capably of competing for its only qualities, on the internationally market. I realize a descriptive study of the sector and of the company to detail the process that led it to placing this product on the world market. According to the results that this study throws for positioned a product to national and international level, it is necessary not only an economic base, also we need the support of a sector that it should allow the process development of investigation and innovation of the product that wants to be commercialized. Sukkar invested in investigation and thanks to this they manage to discover the only characteristic that other products derived from the sugar were not possessing, the policosanoles and to acquire the rights of a patent of production on the market of the United States To this innovation there adds, the managerial skill to achieve contacts in the exterior, the application of some theories of innovation of the recognized economist of the century XX Joseph Schumpeter, more the knowledge and the experience of the managers of Sukkar S.A. its financial managing and great economic capacity that they allowed Sukkar to obtain an identity and exporting positioning. The Goal now is to extend these markets and to achieve that the final consumer acquires the products of the company as part of its family basket, as well as in this moment already this being recognize between the international industry, as nourishing and healthy supplement of some drinks. Key words: Exportation, investigation, innovation, policosanoles, patente