Propuesta de un modelo de negocio de iluminación para el uso eficiente y sostenible de la energía

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Rincón Espitia, Miguel Andres; Administrador de Negocios Internacionales
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Iluminación; Iluminación eficiente y amigable con el medio ambiente; modelo de selección; 333.716; Alumbrado; Alumbrado arquitectónico; Conservación de los recursos naturales; Conservación del medio ambiente; Lighting; Efficient and environmental Lighting; selection Model
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thesis / dissertation description
The meaning of efficient lighting is to provide light to a space using low-energy resources, producing comfort for those who use them and reducing the environmental cost of producing them. This type of lighting aims to generate added value to both the user and the investor who owns it, amortizing the investment through savings generated by using new technologies and benefits occurring over time due to environmental balance and extended life. The idea of this document is to provide a model of efficient lighting including the basic parameters that need a lighting system to be considered an added value and environmentally friendly showing their advantages and disadvantages starting by the selection from criteria that include economic, technical and environmental aspects.