Revisión y análisis crítico del concepto de personalidad de la empresa

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Tovar Córdoba, Jennifer; Psicólogo(a)
Escuela de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud; Universidad del Rosario
personalidad, empresa, marca, teorías, análisis crítico; 150; Personalidad; Empresas; Administración de empresas; Psicología; personality, enterprise, brand, theories, critical analysis
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The enterprise is a system in which factors of production, financing and marketing coordinate to obtain their purposes. In recent years there have been several theoretical proposals that attempt to explain the processes of coordination, growth and environmental adaptation, processes that businesses follow. In these processes of coordination and adaptation a key factor affects organizations; it refers to their personality. For a critical analysis of the personality of the company, the psychological perspective of the concept of personality must be reviewed. In psychology, this construct has been defined as “responsible for individual differences that means "it represents those individual characteristics that explain the permanent patterns in the way they feel, think and act ". Personality describes what people have in common and what distinguishes them; and it is essential because it affects the successes, failures and conflicts within companies; and moods, performance, motivations and attitudes of employees and customers of an enterprise. Enterprises do not have emotional or motivational processes, this is why it could not be identified by these processes, but they can be recognized by the ways of organizing and interact internally, also how to position themselves for a market. Personality of the company is important because it implies value and generates a statement of its positioning, allows a competitive level in the market, attracts corporate customers, and keeps businesses alive.