Utilidad de la relación estratégica comunitaria y el marketing en las empresas del sector agrícola

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Hernández Mendieta, Angela Rocio; Administrador de Negocios Internacionales
Facultad de administración; Universidad del Rosario
Comunidad; Estrategias comunitarias; Marketing; Sector agrícola; 658.8; Administración de empresas; Competitividad; Mercadeo; Mercadeo de productos agrícolas; Community; Community strategies; Agriculture sector
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The concepts around community and relationship community strategies in the agriculture sector are presented in this document. Emphasis is on a possible union of interest between the objectives of the agro-industries and the community where those enterprises operate. It is proposed that the different community strategies such as coalition, empowerment or community leadership are implemented by agricultural enterprises in order to guarantee the community development and the perdurability of the enterprise. Through a descriptive study and taking an agriculture enterprise as an analysis unit it was studied the relationship community strategies implemented by the enterprise with the aim to search the usefulness of those strategies and the marketing in the sector. It was found that the information about the sector is insufficient, however, analyzing the enterprise selected as the unit of analysis it was possible to notice that strategies such as coalition, community leadership and empowerment let not only the local community development but also guarantee the perdurability of the company. The community strategies achieved an entailment of culture, values and history between the local community and the enterprise that at the same time allowed the union of interest and the common responsibility in order to accomplish them. Besides, there was a positive transformation of the social environment where the enterprise operates.