Inserción de América Latina en la región de Asia-Pacífico: estrategias unilaterales y multilaterales. Estudio de caso: Alianza del Pacífico

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Méndez Cotrino, Paola Andrea; Internacionalista
Facultad de Relaciones Internacionales; Universidad del Rosario
Inserción internacional, Estrategia, Unilateralismo, Multilateralismo, Alianza del Pacífico; 327.9; América latina::Política Económica; América Latina - Relaciones exteriores; Cooperación internacional; Relaciones internacionales; International insertion, Strategy, Unilateralism, Multilateralism, Pacific Alliance; América Latina - Política económica
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This research addresses the issue of Latin America's integration in the Asia Pacific region, from the case of the Pacific Alliance. Based on a review of the unilateral insertion strategies of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, as well as the Alliance's multilateral strategy, the linkage of both is analyzed. In this regard, it is argued that this regional bloc has a low degree of articulation and some other difficulties, without denying its potential to become a bridge between its member States and the Asia Pacific.