Multipole-induced dipole contributions to the far-infrared spectra of diatomic molecules in non-polar solvents

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Medina Domínguez, Alejandro; Mateos Roco, José Miguel; Calvo Hernández, Antonio; Velasco Maíllo, Santiago
Análisis espectral; Moléculas; Spectrum analysis; Molecules
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In this paper we overview our work on far-infrared spectroscopy of both hetero- and homonuclear diatomic molecules in nonpolar fluids. Special attention is paid to electric multipolar induced contributions. From comparison between theoretical and experimental spectra estimation of the leading multipoles of CO and N2 molecules has been obtained. Also a temperature and density dependence analysis of many-body cancellation effects in the different pure induced components of the far-infrared integrated absorption coeffcient of CO in liquid Ar is reported.