Writing Research Papers: A Guide for International Students

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Andrew, Veronica
international students, composition, research, academic writing, English for academic purposes
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The recent dramatic influx of international students to universities in the United States has presented many difficulties, both to those students and to those who work in American higher education. One of the most significant of those challenges is helping international students learn, understand, and practice the conventions of research that are a part of academic writing curricula. Grounded in the pedagogical theories of critical literacy, community of practice, and process-based learning, this project presents international students with concepts and skills used in source-based writing. The project, in the form of a workbook, introduces students to the research-related ideas of authorship, expertise, source attribution, text integration, and citation, and assists students in the writing of an essay that incorporates those concepts. The goal of this project is to help international students developed an array of skills that relate to understanding the principles of English-language academic writing conventions, performing productive and effective research, and crafting successful essays.

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