Coupled bilayer photonic crystal slab electro-optic spatial light modulators

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IEEE Photonics Journal, ISSN: 1943-0655, Vol: 9, Issue: 2, Page: 1-11

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Shuai, Yi-Chen; Zhao, Deyin; Liu, Yonghao; Stambaugh, Corey; Lawall, John; Zhou, Weidong
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Texas at Arlington
Physics and Astronomy; Engineering; Fano resonance; Modulators; Free-space optics
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We demonstrate here a surface-normal ultracompact Fano resonance electro-optic spatial light modulator employing a stacked photonic crystal membrane capacitor-like structure. Vertically coupled optical resonance near 1.5 μm was observed, and both blue and red spectral shifts were achieved by means of appropriate electrical bias. A 200-MHz modulation bandwidth was obtained on a device with an 80 μm × 80 μm mesa area, while bandwidths in the gigahertz range are expected by shrinking the mesa lateral size down to 20 μm × 20 μm. We fabricated 6 × 6 arrays with different mesa sizes on a silicon-on-insulator platform, illustrating the potential of these devices in vertically integrated photonic technologies and for high-speed spatial light modulations.