Derivation of equivalent material models for composite laminated materials

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Radioengineering, ISSN: 1210-2512, Vol: 18, Issue: 3, Page: 272-284

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Goňa, Stanislav; Křesálek, Vojtěch
Fakulta elektroniky a komunikačních technologií VUT v Brně
Engineering; kompozitní materiál; koeficient odrazu a přenosu; náhradní model; komplexní permitivita; numerická Inverze; Composite material; Reflection and Transmission coefficients; Equivalent model; Complex permittivity; Numerical inversion
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In this paper, an original approach of derivation of equivalent electrical models for multilayer composite materials is presented. The purpose of the modeling is to approximate a given composite material by an equivalent dielectric slab or by a medium consisting from several dielectric layers. For each layer, an equivalent complex permittivity is set up by an optimization procedure in order to achieve the same values of reflection and transmission coefficients as are the measured values of reflection and transmission coefficients of the original composite material.