Estimation of conformational characteristics of bisphenol-A based poly(hydroxyethers)

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Polymer, ISSN: 0032-3861, Vol: 41, Issue: 8, Page: 2865-2870

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Kaštánek, Alois; Podzimek, Štěpán; Dostál, Jiří; Šimek, Lubomír; Bohdanecký, Miloslav
Elsevier BV; Elsevier Science, Ltd.
Chemistry; Materials Science; bisphenol-A based epoxy resins; intrinsic viscosity; worm-like touched-bead chain model
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Two samples of bisphenol-A based epoxy resins (poly(hydroxy ethers)) were fractionated by precipitation. The fractions were characterized by the weight-average molecular weight (1.3< M w ×10 −3 <40) and the intrinsic viscosity in tetrahydrofuran and chloroform. Theories based on the worm-like touched-bead model were used to treat the molecular-weight dependence of the intrinsic viscosity and to estimate the conformational characteristics (Kuhn statistical segment length l K, Flory characteristic ratio C ∞, and steric factor σ ). Low values of these characteristics indicating rather high flexibility of the chain are discussed.