Multidisciplinarity in historical sociology

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Sociologia (Slovakia), ISSN: 1336-8613, Vol: 45, Issue: 2, Page: 150-171

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Jan Kalenda
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Kalenda, Jan
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Social Sciences; víceoborovost; transdisciplinarita; interdisciplinarita; historická sociologie; sociální teorie; výzkumný program; multidisciplinarity; transdisciplinarity; interdisciplinarity; historical sociology; social theory; research program
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This paper is dedicated to examining the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary historical sociology. First, the text discusses how multidisciplinarity is understood in the field. In particular, to what extent historical sociology can be considered to be an interdisciplinary field, and, by contrast, how much it is dominated by other forms of interdisciplinary cooperation - transdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity. While the first part of the study focuses on the elaboration of multidisciplinary issues in the context of the development of the social sciences, the second part of the text focuses on the main types of multi-disciplinarity. The dominant conception of the multidisciplinary approach in modern historical sociology is illustrated by using the example of seven major publications. On this basis we would like to argue that: (1) researchers in this field of research have not yet explicitly addressed the delimitation of the multidisciplinary nature of their discipline, (2) the concept of historical sociology presented does not correspond with the concept of interdisciplinarity, (3) multidisciplinarity in historical sociology varies between multidiscipli-narity and transdisciplinarity.