Two types of external linear models used for adaptive control of continuous stirred tank reactor

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Proceedings - 25th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, ECMS 2011, Page: 501-507

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Vojtěšek, Jiří; Dostál, Petr
Mathematics; Adaptive control; CSTR; Pole-placement method; Polynomial approach; Recursive identification
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The main goal of this contribution is to show simulation results for two types of External Linear Models (ELM) used in the adaptive control as a linear representation of the originally nonlinear system. The nonlinearity is dispathed with the use of recursive identification which recomputes parameters of ELM in each step according to actual state of the system. The controller design employes polynomial approach with pole-placement method and spectral factorization and all these techniques together satisfies basic control requirements. The verification was done on the mathematical model of Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) as a typical member of the nonlinear equipment widely used in chemical industry. © ECMS.