Thermal-induced transformation of mechanical properties of polybutene-1

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Technical Papers, Regional Technical Conference - Society of Plastics Engineers, Vol: 3, Page: 1336-1340

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Beníček, Lubomír; Chvátalová, Lenka; Čermák, Roman; Verney, Vincent
Engineering; Materials Science; Mechanical properties; Polybutene-1; Polymorphic transformation
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The work directs attention towards the influence of annealing temperature on transformation of polymorphic composition and mechanical properties of isotactic polybutene-1 (PB-1). For these purposes, three different commercial-available grades of PB-1 were chosen. Specimens prepared by injection molding were annealed at given temperature (-22, +6, +22, +40 and +60°C) in the interval from 0 to 48 days. The changes in structure and properties were followed by tensile testing. A nonmonotonic evolution of tensile properties was observed.