Influence of die design on interfacial instabilities in coextrusion

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Annual Technical Conference - ANTEC, Conference Proceedings, Vol: 1, Page: 86-90

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Zatloukal, Martin; Martyn, Mike T.; Coates, Phil D.; Vlček, Jiří
Chemical Engineering; Materials Science; Coextrusion; Modeling; Viscoelasticity
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Fully viscoelastic FEM together with flow visualization technique are employed to quantify the effect of the die design on the wave type of interfacial instabilities in coextrusion. It has been shown experimentally that the minor channel geometry has a strong impact on the wave type of interfacial instabilities and the results can be correlated through novel criteria called as Total Stress Difference (TSN), which takes in to account the bulk change of the total stress in normal as well as tangential direction with respect to the interface.