Improving sensitivity of the polyurethane/CNT laminate strain sensor by controlled mechanical preload

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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, ISSN: 1757-899X, Vol: 108, Issue: 1, Page: 012022

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Slobodian, Petr; Olejník, Robert; Matyáš, Jiří; Babar, Dipak Gorakh
IOP Publishing; Institute of Physics Publishing
Materials Science; Engineering
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This article describes strain detection potential of polyurethane/CNT layered composite and further possible enhance of its sensitivity to strain, expressed by value of gauge factor, GF, employing its controlled mechanical preload. In course of its fabrication a non-woven polyurethane membrane made by electro spinning was used as filtering membrane for CNT aqueous dispersion. Final CNT polyurethane laminate composite is prepared by compression molding. Produced polyurethane/CNT composite laminate is electrically conductive and high elastic. Its elongation leads to change of its macroscopic electrical resistance. Changes in resistance are further reversible, reproducible and can monitor deformation in real time. Gauge factor reaches very high values around 8 for strain reaching 3.5% comparing with conventional metallic strain gauges. Finally, controlled mechanical preload significantly increases value of GF. For example for value of 8.1% of preload value of GF reaches 23.3 for strain 3.5%.