Polynomial Approximation of Quasipolynomials Based on Digital Filter Design Principles

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Automation Control Theory Perspectives in Intelligent Systems, ISSN: 2194-5357, Vol: 466, Page: 25-34

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Pekař, Libor; Navrátil, Pavel
Springer Nature; Springer Verlag
Engineering; Computer Science; Approximation; Bilinear transformation; Digital filter; MATLAB; Polynomials; Pre-warping; Quasipolynomials
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This contribution is aimed at a possible procedure approximating quasipolynomials by polynomials. Quasipolynomials appear in linear time-delay systems description as a natural consequence of the use of the Laplace transform. Due to their infinite root spectra, control system analysis and synthesis based on such quasipolynomial models are usually mathematically heavy. In the light of this fact, there is a natural research endeavor to design a sufficiently accurate yet simple engineeringly acceptable method that approximates them by polynomials preserving basic spectral information. In this paper, such a procedure is presented based on some ideas of discrete-time (digital) filters designing without excessive math. Namely, the particular quasipolynomial is subjected to iterative discretization by means of the bilinear transformation first; consequently, linear and quadratic interpolations are applied to obtain integer powers of the approximating polynomial. Since dominant roots play a decisive role in the spectrum, interpolations are made in their very neighborhood. A simulation example proofs the algorithm efficiency.