Finding sense in new reality: From the epoch of machines to the age of uncertainty

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Human Systems Management, ISSN: 0167-2533, Vol: 35, Issue: 2, Page: 83-92

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Slinták, Karel; Závodná, Lucie Sára
IOS Press
Business, Management and Accounting; biological society; epoch machines; information age; language of circle; linear thinking; language of line; sustainability; system thinking
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This paper deals with a new worldview. Using a historical analysis, this paper describes the original worldview in which the world is a mechanical universe, and puts forward a new worldview in which the world is a biological universe. The objective of this paper is to describe the change in the perception of the new worldview and to express the consequences of that change. It was discovered that important technological changes symbolize a new worldview and can also change this worldview. Information and biology became the fundamental impulses for the creation of a new view of the world. However, the world of organizations is still controlled by mechanical ideology which defines organizations as machines and maintains an economic environment based on a non-cyclical system. The new view of the world therefore requires this to change as it does the way we think.